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Retain the Services of Defamation Lawyers NJ for Libel and Slander Cases

If you have suffered personal injury from defamation, libel, or slander, defamation attorneys in New Jersey can represent you in court and help you fight for damages.

Defamation Attorneys NJ and the First Amendment

In modern society, it has become easier than ever to publicly embarrass others. A defamation lawyer in New Jersey can help you seek restitution, as well as regain your dignity, if you are the subject of slander or libel. Although the First Amendment protects freedom of speech – one of the foundations of the United States – it does not excuse and defend all speech. In particular, it does not endorse libel or slander. Those who are disparaged can submit a civil claim to recover a settlement for the damages triggered by the harmful labels or sentiments.

When damaging and inaccurate statements or reviews are made about you, your family, or your business, it is known as libel (written) or slander (spoken). Whether the defamatory statements are spoken or written, in order to have a case, you may need to have proof they were witnessed by a third party and that they set off some kind of discernible damage.

If your character has been the topic of libel or slander, reach out to a legal representative in New Jersey. Litigating the intricate nuances of a New Jersey defamation case is complicated; it is not something that you should attempt on your own. A lawyer and a firm experienced in prosecuting these cases, such as the Mullen Law Firm can assist you in fighting your case and obtaining financial damages.

Defamation of Character Attorneys NJ

In order to help you understand what constitutes a good claim for libel, our defamation of character attorneys NJ will explain the particular requirements necessary to prove you were a victim. This is an extremely intricate legal area, so it’s often best to work with a legal representative who has experience in character assassination lawsuits.

Where some allegations, labels, words, and social networking posts trigger hurt feelings, others can set off severe mental and financial damage. One way this occurs is when statements are made with the intent of costing an individual or company their capability to do any of the following:

  • Make money from offered services
  • Make money from retail sales
  • Otherwise, raise revenue through investments and loans

It is also demonstrable if it otherwise affects the person or the company’s reputation. When statements impact a person, it could be labeled defamation or disparagement.

Libel and slander cases are all technically considered personal injury cases since the injured party fights for compensation for the emotional damages he or she has endured. A qualified attorney can help you with these and other legal issues that you face.

Defamation Attorney NJ for Handling Your Slander Case


A defamation attorney NJ will represent you when you or your business has received libelous or slanderous comments that were directly said to or in front of one or more other people. Defamatory oral or written statements made about your company are referred to as trade disparagement. Slander is inflammatory, inaccurate, and harmful speech. Libel, however, covers defamatory written comments.

A New Jersey lawsuit will consist of determining that the supposed character assassination happened or that you and/or your reputation were damaged from the statements. If you have been the victim of libel/slander at your place of employment, including sexual harassment, a New Jersey attorney competent with multiple practice areas can help you make your character assassination case.

Defamation of Character NJ for Slander and Libel

When discussing defamation of character NJ, although both libel and slander can be equally damaging, written statements online are more irreversible than spoken ones. In contemporary times of social distancing, the Internet has become a popular, simple, and seemingly safe approach to making disparaging comments about others.

In Hackensack NJ, as well as elsewhere in the state, online character assassination typically takes place when inaccurate and damaging statements are posted online. These statements may be made on blog sites, social networking posts, or any other websites or online areas.

To prove that you were the recipient of online defamation, your attorney must show that the statement was:

  • About you
  • A false statement
  • Damaging to you, your business, or your reputation
  • Posted or spoken to a third person

When facing internet defamation, victims should hire a New Jersey law office for adequate counsel and courtroom representation.

Defamation of Character in NJ, School Bullying, and Social Media

Defamation of character in New Jersey, including online libel or school bullying, can be a scary experience, whether it has to do with you or your family. With the advent of Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, and other channels, spreading information or rumors, whether or not they are accurate, became easy. Using social media to deliberately pass on incorrect details about an individual can be thought of as Internet defamation, and litigated as such.

Online posts typically mention the victim by name or easy-to-identify description. If you stumble upon remarks on social networks that provide false statements as fact, it can be very distressing, especially if you are a child or teenager, or if the comments affect your reputation or business. Even if the person phrased their statement as a viewpoint, you might be able to submit a character assassination claim and seek civil damages.

A social media attorney’s cost depends in part on the specific practice areas they cover, and the defamation lawsuit cost is based partly on the legal advice provided and the attorney-client relationship. For example, in some cases, your advocate is required to demonstrate that you were damaged. According to New York and New Jersey law, for certain statements, damages do not need to be proven; they are presumed.

Retaining Defamation Attorneys in New Jersey

Defamation attorneys in New Jersey are helpful for anyone who has experienced libel, whether as an individual or a service provider. Winning this type of case is easier for your advocate when the perpetrator’s statements against you are deliberately false rather than irresponsibly or mistakenly incorrect.

They are also required to demonstrate that you were significantly hurt. If the allegations harmed your reputation or capability to generate income, you might be able to make an efficient libel or slander claim.

Consulting with certified attorneys who have experience with online defamation could be vital for winning these cases. When seeking “defamation attorneys near me,” contact us at the Mullen Law Office for assistance with your New Jersey libel or slander case.

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