Personal Injury

At Mullen Law Firm, we’re dedicated to helping victims of abuse and defamation obtain the compensation they deserve. If you’ve suffered an injury at someone else’s negligence, we can help.

Personal injury isn’t just about getting compensated for the injuries you suffered at someone else’s negligence — it’s about making sure your future is protected. This is especially true when you are the target of harassment, abuse, or character assassination.

Defamatory or abusive actions can have a destructive impact on your livelihood, and one fallacious comment is all it takes to permanently affect the well-being of your family. When this happens, you need a strong advocate on your side fighting for your future. At Mullen Law Firm, standing up for victims of abuse and defamation is what we do, and we’re ready to put our specialized skills, resources, and experience to work in your favor.

When we pursue a personal injury claim against those responsible for your losses, we’ll not only seek the compensation you deserve, but also the justice you need. This may involve pursuing injunctive relief to put a stop to the inflammatory declarations or filing a protective order to prevent the perpetrator from continuing their abusive behavior. No matter the situation, we’ll work tirelessly to find a solution and help you reach a place of lasting peace and safety.

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