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School Bullying is Unbearable!!!

It’s no secret that bullying is happening more and more often these days to children, especially younger children, all thanks to the internet. What many fail to realize, however, is how significant the consequences of bullying can be. Kids who are regularly targeted by bullies often suffer both socially and emotionally, leading to depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, substance abuse, academic struggles, and even thoughts of suicide.

At Mullen Law Firm, we recognize the lasting effects that online bullying can have on a child and their loved ones, and we’re dedicated to holding those responsible accountable. We maintain the best attorney-client relationship so that the victim and the victim’s family can feel at ease and mention all necessary factors of the case, including any confidential or sensitive information. If your child is a bullying victim, we can help you with everything you need to prevent bullying in your child’s school. Call us today for a consultation.

Effects of School Bullying on Child’s Health

School bullying is an unfair, unhealthy, and sometimes dangerous act that can start in middle school through high school. The legal definition of bullying is physical, mental, or verbal acts that are committed with the intent of intimidating, harassing, or causing harm to another student.

Inappropriate contact, making threats, physical assault and battery, verbal torment, spreading of rumors, and other aggressive behavior between school-aged children leading to emotional distress can be examples of school bullying.

The consequences of bullying can have measurable and detrimental impacts on a child’s physical health as well as the financial and emotional well-being of the entire family. When bullying escalates to this point, and either the school, the bully’s parents, or another party behaves negligently in stopping or preventing the behavior, the victim and their family may be able to pursue a personal injury claim and receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages.

You can also proceed with civil actions against the preparator’s family and school district to ensure your child’s safety. The state laws allow you to protect your child from this mistreatment and protect them from emotional distress and low self-esteem.

Under the legal guidance of an experienced attorney, you can take legal action to protect your child from physical harm. As your attorneys, we can provide you with the legal representation you need to protect your rights in court.


Effects of Cyber Bullying on Mental Health

The Internet is an open-source platform where people share updates about their life events, accomplishments, personal development, and other updates on social media sites. Since people are connected via the internet and can say anything they want to, they start passing bad comments on their race or national origin, gender looks, sex (including sexual orientation), and other harsh stuff leading to cyberbullying.

Leading to hatred, and people start bullying the weaker ones. They target the weaker ones and start cyberbullying. Repeated bullying can cause several issues on the victim’s health, including depression, suicidal thoughts, and self-injurious behavior.

Anti-Bullying Laws in the United States

There are several states’ laws and policies followed by each state in the United States regarding bullying. But the federal law only caters to bullying and overlapping harassment. School districts in the U.S. are obliged to abide actively by these laws to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment.

Federal Anti-Bullying Law

In the United States, there is no federal law that applies to bullying. However, certain federal laws address discriminatory harassment that overlaps with bullying behaviors. If bullying overlaps with ethnicity, sexual assault or sexual harassment, disability, religion, gender identity, or color, it should be legally addressed. The federal civil rights laws prohibit those types of discriminatory harassment, so the victim should be provided with legal counsel.

In these cases, bullying victims can, for example, pursue a claim under the Civil Rights Act of 1871 for violation of their constitutional rights. The U.S. Constitution can also offer protection to victims who are bullied based on religion. However, these federal laws can provide the basis for bullying claims if the offending conduct occurred on a school bus, on school grounds, or at a school-sponsored event.

State Anti-Bullying Law

In the anti-bullying state law, it is declared that any form of bullying and harassment in the school or with school students is unacceptable. Every incident of bullying should be taken seriously, and serious majors should be taken to ensure the mental, physical, and cognitive health of the student.

School officials, including administration, teachers, fellow students, and families, are responsible for protecting the bullied child from any mishaps that occur during school grounds and giving him emotional and moral support to say no to this unfair bullying behavior.

School’s Obligations Regarding Harassment

In the United States, each school is subject to take harassment cases very seriously. If they are reported of any harassment case, school officials are directed to take it seriously and start investigating what happened at the scene.

Here are some obligations set and defined by the government for schools.

  • Immediate actions should be taken to determine what happened and investigate the entire report.
  • Inquire about the victim, involved students, and fellow students to understand the situation clearly. The inquiry should be prompt, thorough, and impartial and should focus on time-sensitive information.
  • Interview the target students, the staff, and the teachers of the class to ask about any suspicious behavior during the class.
  • Detailed communication should be taken with the victim or the target student to find out the possible way to end the harassment in a way that is feasible for the victim.
  • Check-in with the victim or the target audience to ensure that the harassment has ended and that he/she is doing fine.

School policies should include specific procedures for alerting school authorities of inappropriate conduct as well as potential penalties. For example, schools may expel or suspend students who are found to be bullying other students.

When to Hire a School Bullying Lawyer?

If you or your child is facing repeated conduct of bullying at school, it is the best choice to work with a bullying attorney who represents students to help them get out of that torture. Bullying cases can destroy the personality, mental health, and cognitive abilities of your child.

If you have noticed any suspicious and unhealthy change in your child’s behavior or if your child has reported you about being bullied at school, take the courage to help him out. We understand that during these tough times, it is hard for you to think of any way to bring your child out of that torture. Many parents even think of shifting to another place or transferring to a new school.

However, if you consult with an attorney, he will assess the facts of the case and help you and your child get compensation for the emotional, psychological, and physical distress he faced at a young age. In many cases, our experienced attorneys will file criminal charges against the other party, considering the severe damage that occurred to the student.

Is Filing for a School Bullying Lawsuit Worth It?

Thanks to heightened awareness of this pervasive problem, pursuing a bullying lawsuit is easier than ever. When you reach out to Mullen Law Firm, we’ll listen to your child’s story and determine who, if anyone, is at fault for their injuries. From there, we’ll work hard to build a strong case in your favor to help ensure that your child and your family can heal from this situation and prevent this from happening to other children in the future.

Our school bullying lawyers serve clients all around Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Plymouth County, and following localities. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation and get legal counsel on your case.

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